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Supporting Indigenous people in business is just good business!  ​By supporting Indigenous businesses, it helps encourage entrepreneurship and economic growth which leads to healthy, happy and contributing members who help inspire their communities and nation.

Do you want to help "Inspire a Nation"?  Then consider supporting Indigenbiz to help us to continue providing new content on a regular basis.

Please see the suggested options below to find out how you can support Indigenbiz's Mission or through a donation or sponsorship.



$1 – Every Little Bit Helps

$5 – Keep Doing What You Are Doing

$20 – I Support You

$50 – I Want More Content

$100 – I Give My Full Support



  1. $500 – Sponsor a Story: help support Indigenbiz to cover a story about a successful Indigenous person in business.

  2. $1,000 – Cover a Story: have Indigenbiz write a story about your success with an Indigenous business or partnership.

  3. $2,500 – Cover a Story + Advertise on our Sites: Same as above plus we put your logo on website banner and social media accounts.

  4. $5,000 – We Just Really Want to Support Indigenous People in Business & Independent Indigenous Journalism.

  5. $?,??? – Have an idea of your own for a sponsorship?  Reach out and let's chat!

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Send E-transfers to:

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