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Do you support Indigenous people in business?

Do you support Independent Indigenous Journalism?

Consider supporting Indigenbiz to help us to continue providing new content on a regular basis.

Please see the suggested options below to find out how you can support Indigenbiz's Mission or through a donation or sponsorship.



$1 – Every Little Bit Helps

$5 – Keep Doing What You Are Doing

$20 – I Support You

$50 – I Want More Content

$100 – I Give My Full Support



  1. $500 – Sponsor a Story: help support Indigenbiz to cover a story about a successful Indigenous person in business.

  2. $1,000 – Cover a Story: have Indigenbiz write a story about your success with an Indigenous business or partnership.

  3. $2,500 – Cover a Story + Advertise on our Sites: Same as above plus we put your logo on website banner and social media accounts.

  4. $5,000 – We Just Really Want to Support Indigenous People in Business & Independent Indigenous Journalism.

  5. $?,??? – Have an idea of your own for a sponsorship?  Reach out and let's chat!

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