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Our mission is to highlight Indigenous entrepreneurs engaged in successful business development amongst the marketplace.


Our vision is to become the go-to resource for Indigenous business news stories and articles.


Indigenbiz was inspired by one man's dream to change the narrative in mainstream Canadian media when it came to covering First Nations and Indigenous people.

When Steven McCoy was enrolled in University earning his bachelors in business administration (marketing) degree from Algoma University, he noticed a distinct lack of First Nations people in the business program despite a rather high population of Indigenous people on campus.  Mr. McCoy also noticed that the major news stories that involved First Nation's people were always negative and centred around Indigenous people either being murdered, missing or protesting.  

So Mr. McCoy started to seek out positive news stories that highlighted Indigenous people and communities engaged in successful business and economic endeavours and amplified those stories through his own personal social media accounts for many years.

Then Mr.McCoy was asked to interview and write some articles as a freelancer about Indigenous leaders for a local news outlet which garnered a lot of interest from other Indigenous leaders across the country.  


Mr. McCoy decided to take his freelance writing and business development skills one step further and create his own media platform for stories and articles, Indigenbiz!

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